Saturday, May 16, 2009

First Out' the Gate

Years ago I promised God that I wouldn't read His word without a pencil in my hand. In my heart, I was expressing a desire to hear Him speak to me and reveal his thoughts for me as I shared my time with Him. I'd always have a pencil ready if He wanted to speak to me.

I figured, why would He share his thoughts with me if I was unwilling to apply them? I had to remember in order to apply, and I had to record in order to remember. Some call it a journal, some a diary, others a blog, but for me it started in the margins of my Bible and invaded the blank spaces between commentary and ultimately on the pages of the numerous notebooks I've accumulated over the years. I'm very fond of those notebooks.

As I've grown in my relationship with the Lord, I've realized that just as His word is living and active and relevant in my life, He desires the same for others, too. Or in other words, the things that God does in and to my life, he desires to do through me - to share and help others. Although He's told me numerous times that I'm his favorite [ wink ], I think we're all better when we share the lessons and thoughts that we've learned or heard from Him in our personal walks.

So I've got this desire to share. And dozen of notebooks full of thoughts, notes, ideas, challenges, and explanations just sitting there looking cool on my bookshelf. Not helping anyone.

Some of these will likely be sermons that I've preached or lessons that I've taught. Many of these will be the "grinding out" of the thoughts or perspectives that I have about life, relationships, and ministry - the beginnings of the next sermons or lessons. Or who knows, it just might be the place that the Lord uses to speak to you.

Through me, to you - He's that kind of God. All we have to do is listen - and have a pencil (or a computer) in hand when He does.

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  1. i can't wait to read more! thanks for sharing your life and all that God has/is/will do in your life with us! :D